Let’s make a few assumptions about Cuil:

None of this changes the fact that their server farm is tits up.

Moral of the story: Brag if you want, but if the only search that doesn’t return “No results because of high load…” is a search for “google”, you will look dumb.

3 thoughts on “Cuil”

  1. When it works it doesn’t work well. A sample of queries whose results I know fairly well just don’t return the results that Google or Y! do. Also, the page requires one to browse left to right and up and down, with no obvious meaning to position besides up/left is more important. The next / previous page stuff is also in a very inconvenient location. I do not want to have to move my mouse to the rarely used corner of the screen just to see more results.

    I guess it does have the web 2.0 contrast, rounded corners, and anti-aliased fonts thing going for it, though.

  2. I can see that they’re trying to be “different” but that doesn’t necessarily mean “better”. I found their whole launch melt-down to be kind of amusing.

  3. I like the idea of the category but I wasn’t overly impressed with a few test queries. They were very clever with some things related to my job but I tried a few other semi-obscure hobby things and was getting wonky results.

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