Can someone explain to me why the "liberal-biased main stream media" has yet to snuff out Governor Palin and her irresponsible name calling? She has direct connections to the Alaskan Independence Party, a pro-violence extremist group with ties to Iran, yet she gets to parade around and attempt to smear Obama as "anti-American"?

The articles in Salon, the Toronto Star and Huffington Post should be enough to shame Presidential Barbie into silence on the issue, and yet she blathers on.

2 thoughts on “WTF!”

  1. Why would a liberally-biased media “snuff out” her name calling? It doesn’t promote her at ALL, it makes her look crazy and/or petty. She’s the VP candidate, and when she says things, the news is going to cover it.

  2. OK. It was late, I was getting really agitated and used the wrong language in my posting. I’ll attempt to provide a fuller explanation of it, without going off on a rant.

    That the media reports it isn’t their fault outright, but the 24-hour repeating of it can drive people into raving lunatics (myself included, on occasion). The idea that someone can come along and casually link two random people and turn one person into a terrorist based on the actions of the other person from forty years ago is practically the definition of a witch hunt. That we are currently hearing one side of it from Palin and not much from Obama/Biden tells me personally that yes, Palin really is crazy and/or petty. I would like to think that everyone is thinking this instead of believing the lie and imagining ways to “string up that terrorist Obama”, but I just don’t feel that confident.

    It all just scares the crap out of me, but then it’s fear and panic that are running the show right now anyway. What I really need to do is just try to unplug. Breathe deeply and calm down. I think I’ll go play outside for a bit.

    Thank you for the reality check.

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